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Publicare necesse est.

Interkönyv offers a new perspective for our authors. The signicifanct costs of publishing -- printing, storage, delivery and distribution -- may be forgotten and you only have to pay for editing, proofreading, illustration and justification. At the same time, you may avoid the eternal transition of "I just upload it to the Internet for free and edit it later". The whole project wishes to emphasize that the honouring of the work of the two main characters --the author and the publisher -- is very important. Real values must be valued. Readers may access the main information -- table of contents, index -- free of charge.

Another significant advantage is the comfortable possibility of continuously updating and correcting your books. Those who wish to exploit this possibility, are granted access their own work and may carry out the modifications. And this is not all! Those authors who trust the personal cooperation of the editors of Interkönyv more than themselves, may apply for consultation on the first Monday of each month, between 10 A.M. and 4 P.M. You may ask for an appointment at the following addresses and phone numbers:

Sosity Beáta:, 06 20 5653199, 315 0498


Apart from the usual editing work (see textbook calculation) the following prices apply instead of printing costs:

 Uploading 3-4000 Ft/Unit*
 Searchability 2-3000 Ft/Unit*
 Mbyte load  500 Ft/Mbyte
 Uploading basic data  500 Ft/book

*Interkönyv unit = chapter, table of contents, bibliography, index, complete book etc.
It adds up to about 80-150 thousand Ft.


  Cost of bank transactions 9%
  Invoice transactions, receipts, reports 3000 Ft/occasion
  e-pub environment 20-70%
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