Dear Readres,

Since October 2011 we use Social DRM to protect the books on site.

Each page of the books contains the customer’s data and the fact of purchase. The user / reader is allowed to make copies of his /her own  purchased books/chapters and download the books onto his / her own devices (book reader, tablet PC, phone).

The purchased book/chapter may not be transmitted,  can not be borrowed and may not be reproduced without the permission of Typotex Ltd..

Individual license agreement, multi-user solutions are available on request:

The crawler program will provide continuous monitoring.


You may read the copyright law at the following link:

You should keep in mind the following subparagraph of paragraph (35) of the chapter on printing:

(2) A complete book or the whole of a magazine or newspaper may only be copied by hand or with a typewriter even for private purposes.

(3) Having a copy done on computer or any other electronic device by somebody else does not qualify as free use (and is thus prohibited), whether or not it is done for private purposes.


* Cracking or circumventing the protection of downloaded files is also prohibited.


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