Payment methods

Payment methods
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Payment methods

The reader may pay for the unfree services of Interkönyv with a bankcard.

Bankcard payment

If you wish to pay with a bankcard, we accept American Express, Visa, MasterCard credit cards and OTP Elektron  bankcard.
You will need the number of your credit card, the CVC2 (CVV2) code and the expiry date of the card. You may find a detailed explanation on OTP's site.
The bank checks the data supplied by the user. If everything is allright, the transaction is approved and the reader may immediately download the document.
Typotex Kft. declares that it has no access to credit card data, does not store the data and does not take responsibility for any abuse occurring during the use of the bankcard.

Redelivery and handling of complaints

We cannot refund the books and chapters purchased. We would like to draw our readers' attention to the fact that our system only allows printing the purchased files once. Please check your ink load before starting printing. Money back guarantee only applies to very special and justified cases.
Unpayed items stay in your basket for 2 weeks and are then deleted.

Customer service

If you have questions on invoicing or anything else, you may contact us at (36) (1) 315-0256 in business hours or email us at .

The Interkönyv portal is a property of Typotex Electronic Publishing House Kft.

Typotex Electronic Publishing House Kft.

residence 1024 Budapest, Retek utca 33-35.
tax number 10274497-2-41
bank account K&H Bank
bank account number 10403181-31817307-00000000
registry number 01-09-064077
court of registry Fővárosi Bíróság
represented by Votisky Zsuzsa managing director

The publishing house reserves the right to modify the above conditions without notifying the users.

Books may only be downloaded after payment. You may buy several books at once - commission is 100 Ft per purchase. If you wish, we give you an electronic invoice which, according to current legislation, is as much valid as paper invoices.


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