why is e-book a good idea? And why is it a good idea to buy e-books?

The price of an electronic book is on average one third or one quarter of the original book. If you buy the complete book, one page costs 3.5 Ft, if you buy it by chapters, one page costs 4 Ft.

It is still worthwhile to buy books, since they are nicely bound and easy to handle. We indicate with each e-book whether it may be bought in a traditional, palpable form.

It is especially worthwhile to buy e-books when the reader only wants to see a few chapters, is only interested in one essay of a collection of texts or if a college or university student knows that he will not need the book the following year. Or maybe there is no more room on his bookshelf, if there is a bookshelf at all in his dormitory room.


See the comparative table of print and copy costs.



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