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Generative Imaging

The Generative Imaging curriculum's main subject is the graphic programming language called VVVV. This is a visual programming language mostly used for art installations and various types of projections. Through these lessons, you will get to know the VVVV program's interface, simple mathematics and the processing of different message types, 2D and 3D imaging and transformations, picture and video detection, the controlling of external peripheries (like cameras, Kinect, MIDI controllers, Wacom tablets, Arduino and DMX) and the OSC communication with Android and IOS. Advanced programming knowledge is not required for the use of VVVV, only the basics of computer usage and graphic-video editing.



Publisher: Typotex Kft.
Book's language: English
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Book size: A/4, 211 page
Issue year: 2014
ISBN-13 978-963-2792-20-0

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