1. The table of contents and the index may be viewed and downloaded free of charge for each book.

2. Books may be bought as a whole or by chapters.
3. The text of books may be searched.
4. Some of the electronic books may be bought in a physical form, this is signalled with each book.


Dear reader,

Since October 2011 we use Social DRM to protect the books on site.

Each page of the books contains the customer’s data and the fact of purchase. The user / reader is allowed to make copies of his /her own  purchased books/chapters and download the books onto his / her own devices (book reader, tablet PC, phone).

The purchased book/chapter may not be transmitted,  can not be borrowed and may not be reproduced without the permission of Typotex Ltd..

Individual license agreement, multi-user solutions are available on request:

The crawler program will provide continuous monitoring.



Search in content

Those books may be searched that we have the manuscript of, implying that the whole index is available. The suffixed forms of the searched expression are also displayed among the results. This does not work the other way round (the stem is not displayed if you search the suffixed form). The search software lists the results in a decreasing order of Lucerne relevance numbers.


We cannot check the printing conditions for each user and computer.

If you want faultless functioning, we suggest that you check the ink level (or the amount of paper) in your printer before printing. We cannot help in case of these or similar problems. Thank you for your understanding.




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